To gather around bonfire with friends and family is part of every great Alberta outdoor experience. Use the quality firewood you’ll find here at Battle River Landscape Supply & Design, to fire up your favourite meals in your backyard brick oven or to close out evenings with warm backyard fires under the stars. And don’t forget to stock up on firewood for your indoor wood-burning fireplace or wood stove for winter!

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The Best Firewood for Your Wood Stove or Fireplace?
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Our Alberta Firewood is cut to under 16″ lengths and can be purchased in bulk, by the pallet, or cord. We also have a weekender, a smaller pack for those weekend outdoor adventures. Our quality firewood is cut, split, dried out and ready for use. We also customize larger orders and offer firewood delivery for all products.

With the pieces of firewood aligned, parallel, touching and compact – a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet (3.62 cubic meter). A cord measures 4 feet (122cm) high, 8 feet (244cm) wide and 4 feet deep.

Firewood tips

Wood attracts moisture so always store your wood supply off the ground, either on a firewood rack or a wooden pallet. Having it off the ground will also discourage insects from making the woodpile to their home.  Stack it with the bark up and allow airflow on all sides. Keep the top covered to keep the elements out. Bring a days worth of firewood inside before burning and do not burn wet wood in a wood stove – it can cause both the chimney of the wood stove to rust but also create a build-up of creosote.

Wood Consumption

The rule of thumb is that a 36″ open fireplace will burn 4 x 16″ logs an hour and can consume a cord of wood in a week. The consumption of wood for an open fire pit is similar. The type of fireplace (controlled airflow etc) and the type of wood change the consumption of wood.

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